Fitness for every lifestyle, every body. No matter where you are on your journey, the FITREP app has fitness options to get you started, and keep you moving. Book a trainer and your workout in just a few taps. 
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There are only limited spots available for each class. Sign up below and get the link to secure your spot in any of our group classes in seconds on the app. Let’s get training!


Book your spot in HIIT the Ground Running with Celia.

Start out right with the basics, learning signature fitness moves you can execute with confidence and get you sweating. Every class will come with progressions and regressions to accomodate all fitness levels, but still challenge you, and keep your body guessing.

Fun and fluid Vinyasa classes to energize your body

A full-body workout focused on strengthening functional movement

Strength training is a focus with high intensity to get your heart going

Learn the fundamentals of boxing/kickboxing